The Concept: Interactive Shower Dispenser

After many rounds of prototyping, testing, and brainstorming, our team has settled on creating an interactive shower dispensing set that guides the user through each step of showering with fully customizable visual and auditory aids. The current state of our product consists of an automatic soap dispenser with a built in waterproof screen. A video is activated on the touchscreen by pressing on a graphic of a large button that reads "BEGIN SHOWER." Upon pressing this button, the video takes the user through each step of showering, from turning on the faucet to properly dispensing soap, scrubbing each body part thoroughly (i.e. not just "wash hair" but instead "wash top of head," "scrub behind ears," "scrub back of head," etc.).

Figure 1: Low resolution prototype. Each bottle contains guided imagery of what to do while using its respective fluid.

The automatic dispensers allow the user to obtain the right amount of soap because many individuals we spoke to have trouble doing so due on their own motor and/or cognitive disabilities. The screen contains an app that allows the user or their caretakers personalize shower duration, necessary steps, and avatar customization. Figure 1 shows an early stage “low resolution” prototype while Figure 2 depicts a more advanced mostly functioning prototype. Finally, Figure 3 shows our "looks like" prototype and represents the appearance we hope to achieve. As we move forward with our project we will need to refine our app, create more advanced prototypes, and gain more feedback from user groups.

Figure 2: Our first somewhat functioning prototype. Includes automatic dispensing abilities. The screen is not yet "interactive" but currently functions as a video the user plays to begin the shower.

Figure 3: What we hope our dispenser will look like.

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