Project Overview: Course Objectives and Guidelines

Jenna, Yvonne and I (Aubriana) are seniors studying Product Design Engineering at Stanford University. For our final year here, we are required to complete a senior capstone project within the engineering department. We all chose to take a course that lasts for 2 quarters called ME 216 B and ME 216 C, also known as: Implementation I & II, the capstone class sequence for the Product Design major. This course aims to teach us how to create an actual product that solves a real-world user need. In order to create this product, we have to work closely with users, prototype different product ideas, and test to ensure that our final solution is well conceived and meets user needs.

Ideation session in progress . . .

The first part of this class sequence (which spans from January to the end of March) asks teams to establish a user group and ultimately create a "looks-like"/"works-like" prototype by the end of the quarter. This means that our team must build a prototype that mimics our final idea in form and function. We also begin to build our brand and social presence as we determine how to best target our users.

The second part of this class (which goes from April to the beginning of June) focuses on manufacturing our product and actually distributing the product to our user. Beyond that, many groups create crowdfunding campaigns or apply for grants to raise the necessary to make their idea a reality. Stay tuned for more as our team embarks on this journey!

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