Based on our user's needs for more interactive and stimulating visual and verbal cues, we created WASHABLE. WASHABLE is an app that allows users to create customized audio and visual tutorials that guide them through hygiene tasks in real time. 


Our current app, called WASHABLE, is a basic "proof of concept" app that provides a hand washing tutorial. This consists of a simple set-up section for caregivers/users which allows them to choose an avatar for their video and input their name. After the setup they have the option of using a swipe-through picture tutorial or watching a video of the hand washing tutorial, which includes detailed verbal and animated cues.

After our app launch, we hope to get more feedback from our users that will allow us to improve the current design and add more tutorials, such as toothbrushing and bathing. We plan to incorporate a fully personalized avatar feature and allow the user to completely customize each hygiene video, allowing adjustments on level of assistance and length. We recognize that our users have unique needs and preferences, and our future app plans incorporate such features. We currently have created visuals and plans for future iterations of the app, but need help raising funds to move forward with a more advanced version.


If you would like to help us further develop the app, click here to donate to our GoFundMe page.