We are Designable, a team of students at Stanford University pursuing engineering degrees in the Product Design major. For our senior capstone project, we are building an app through which users can create customized audio and visual schedules that guide them through hygiene tasks in real time. We are extremely excited about this project because we believe that everyone deserves a chance to feel clean and self-sufficient. We plan to facilitate that process using our diverse skill set grounded in industrial design, mechanics, design thinking and creative problem-solving.


Yvonne hails from Vancouver, WA and is an avid outdoors enthusiast. A lifelong equestrian athlete, she currently competes on the Stanford Equestrian Team. For her bachelor’s degree, she has chosen to major in Product Design. At Stanford, she enjoys opportunities to dabble in everything from building Lego robots to designing theater productions. She also loves helping people grow and learn through teaching, coaching, and mentoring. 


Yvonne is extremely excited about this project because she loves using design methodology to create tangible change in people’s lives.  She has enjoyed exploring creative ways to address user needs, and she can’t wait to see the final product put into action. 


Aubriana Menendez is a senior pursuing a degree in Product Design Engineering and minoring in Italian Language. Originally from Southern California, Aubriana stays true to  her geographic stereotype. She loves the outdoors, requires a higher amount of sunshine than the average American, and eats at least one avocado a day. In her spare time she likes to explore many artistic mediums including photography, film-making, painting, and dancing. One of her favorite memories at Stanford includes her time as a 2014-2015 Stanford Dollie. Aubriana loves design because it balances art with engineering, allows her to interact with diverse people, and is always varied and challenging.

As a first-generation college student and minority, Aubriana is extremely passionate about helping underserved communities. When given the opportunity to work on finding a solution to help persons with disabilities, she felt a surge of energy pulse through her veins. Little attention has been given to this community and few products exist that take their needs and preferences into account. Aubriana hopes to be a voice for people with special needs and help spread awareness.


Jenna Wisch is a senior pursuing a B.S. in Product Design with a minor in History. Hailing from New York City, Jenna is extremely passionate about building things and working with children. In her free time, Jenna loves trying new restaurants, working out (most recently mountain biking), listening to audiobooks, and singing along to the scores of her favorite musicals. Jenna is an exercise junky, avid traveler, art enthusiast and total theater nerd. See jennawisch.com for more information.

Jenna started working with people with special needs five years ago when she first joined Stanford’s Kids With Dreams organization. Jenna has developed many friendships through this program and continues to learn so much from those she works with. Over the years, Jenna noticed a dearth of products available to parents and children in these communities and became increasingly interested in using her design expertise to empower individuals with developmental and motor disabilities. Jenna is extremely excited to do just that with her amazing partners and looks forward to becoming even more involved in this community.