All people desire independence in their everyday life, but this goal can be particularly challenging for individuals with developmental disabilities. We want to fill this gap by facilitating autonomy in one of the most fundamental and intimate areas: personal hygiene. We interviewed over 40 individuals with autism, caretakers, educators, therapists, doctors, and more and learned that hygiene is one of the greatest barriers to independence. We further noticed that every individual we worked with used visual schedules in their bathrooms to help guide them through various tasks, such as hand washing, but often needed additional engagement and verbal stimulation to truly follow the instructions.

We are team Designable, a group of three students from Stanford University working towards a solution for this problem. For our senior capstone project, we built an app that allows users to create customizable visual and audio aids for hand washing, tooth brushing, and showering. Everyone deserves a chance to feel clean and self-sufficient, and we are extremely excited to help make that happen. ​We believe that with the right set of tools and the proper guidance, anything is possible, washable, doable, and Designable.  


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Our first "proof of concept" version of our app will be available in the app store by the end of June! We have been hard at work with our amazing developers at Cubet and cannot wait to share with you.


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We are proud to announce that we were recently named semi-finalists in the 2017 RESNA Student Design Competition for assistive technology!  We have been invited to present our project at the RESNA annual conference in June.

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